Pornhub's Bangfit program may be better than any other fitness routine

The program that gets people into shape "while having the time of their lives"

Published Date
19 - May - 2016
| Last Updated
20 - May - 2016
Pornhub’s Bangfit program may be better than any other fitness ro...

Pornhub has unveiled a novel fitness program called Bangfit. As the name would suggest, the program lets participants “sexercise” their way to a fitter lifestyle. It is a game based program that lets people get into shape, “while having the time of their life.” 

To partake in the program, users have to visit (slightly NSFW) and choose a “sexercise routine”. These are available for singles, couples, and for people with multiple partners. Once a routine is selected, users will then have to pair their smartphone and attach it to their waist using the company’s Bangfit Band (or by any other means necessary). The objective is to sync their movements with the video that is shown on the screen. Points are awarded based on how well the moves are coordinated. Once a particular exercise routine is over, the users will receive their final score as well as the amount of calories burnt. Further, users can also share the results on social media “just like any other fitness routine.” Pornhub’s Bangfit program is certainly an innovative way of enticing people to get into shape. Especially for those people who do not like going to gyms. You can check out the animated promotional video of Bangfit below (slightly NSFW).

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