Autodesk launches 2012 line of products

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05 - Apr - 2011
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05 - Apr - 2011
Autodesk launches 2012 line of products
Autodesk today announced new releases of the company's digital entertainment creation software and middleware. The 2012 versions enable iterative workflows, help users manage complexity and provide new creative tools. Autodesk is following the suites model, by packaging individual products together in the form of a creation suites.

While highlighting the challenges faced by customers, Arun D'Souza, Head, M&E, Autodesk India & SAARC said “To remain competitive, studios must improve production efficiency and maximise their creative capabilities.”

In addition to cost saving, following the “suites” model allows users multiple advantages such as common shortcuts, enhanced interoperability, and a single click workflow, to name a few. Further, Suites can make it easier for customers to explore new products and technologies, and provide a consistent user experience, making it easier to learn and work with multiple Autodesk tools.

To bring out the current trend where digital artists in the creative industry are expected to do more with less, T.K Sim, (APAC Marketing Manager for Media & Entertainment) who joined us over voice conference, spoke of several game studios shutting down in the recent past.

Some of the products talked about include Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites which comes in a standard and premium version. The Premium version includes a choice between 3ds Max or Maya along with Softimage, Autodesk, MotionBuilder, and Mudbox. The Creative Finishing Software for Film, Telivision and Commercial Post Production includes the Autodesk Flame Premium software which combines high-end visual effects and finishing tools with real-time colour grading in a single solution.
The entire suites portfolio of products is slated to begin shipping by 8th April 2011. For details on individual suites and products in the digital entertainment creation space, head over to

One of the other interesting range of products showcased was Autodesk's Games Middleware. The middleware comprises of products such as
Beast, HumanIK, and Kynapse. While on the subject of games we picked up on something called Project Skyline, which is Autodesk's attempt to enter the game-runtime space directly from the design side without involving any third party applications or pluggins. Project Skyline will enable art from Maya or 3ds Max to directly move on to the game. Hmm, an Autodesk game engine in the offing, we wonder?

Autodesk's commitment to education was also highlighted by Jayant Keswani, Head – Marketing (India and Saarc). “We have a service ( from where students belonging to a college or university with a valid ID, can get access to Autodesks products”, he said.


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