Are They For Real?

Published Date
01 - Dec - 2004
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01 - Dec - 2004
Are They For Real?

Busty Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan has posted X-rays of her bodily assets on her Web site to prove they are real and not silicone.

She wants to disprove claims that she’s had implants, and what’s more, she warns that she will sue anyone who says otherwise. The X-rays are at www2. You’ll need to know a little bit of Dutch to navigate through the site, but you are sure to find the photos—just look for the word “X-ray.”

Verbaan shot to stardom in Holland as the 16-year-old star of soap-opera “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden,” or “Good Times Bad Times,” in the 1990s.

A recent model shoot by the now 25-year-old Verbaan sparked speculation over whether her assets were real.

Umm..., Does MS Use Firefox?

Late November, Israeli Web site NRG Maariv filed a story claiming Microsoft uses the Firefox browser. The article, by Ido Kenan, said that in an Associated Press story about the MSN Search beta, the credit for a screenshot goes to AP/Photo/HO/Microsoft. “HO,” means “hand out.”

There seems to be proof, available at online/10/ART/825/507.html. The site says: “Alert reader Dror Levin read a review of the new MSN Search on the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

He noticed something strange about the screenshot in the article, found a larger version of it and was surprised to find out that while the OS was Windows XP, the browser used was Firefox.

The photo credit says ‘(AP Photo/HO /Microsoft),’ which means it was distributed to AP by Microsoft.”

EBay Mailing Out Snail-mail

Now this one has us foxed. Why does EBay need to send out catalogues via postal mail? But that’s what the company has been doing recently. It has mailed out “several million” holiday catalogues, a spokesperson said.

They are also doing TV and newspaper ads.

The idea is to introduce online auctions to people who have never used the Internet. But how many such people exist in the United States? And even considering the few folks who have never been online, how many of them are likely to go online after being egged on by catalogues from EBay? This is a real tricky one.

MS And Piracy In Bangladesh

What has prompted Microsoft to sink to the level of demanding that piracy be curtailed in—of all places—Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world? The fact is that CDs of Microsoft software are available for less than a dollar in Bangladesh, but the authorities there have enough on their plates already. Think floods and famines.

However, Feroz Mahmud, Microsoft’s new country manager for Bangladesh, will be seeing government officials about the problem, and demand that something be done to arrest piracy suspects.

Microsoft Bangladesh, by the way, has a staff of 14. And if we remember the chain e-mail correctly, wasn’t Bill Gates worth more than the GDP of Bangladesh?.

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