Are Asian enterprises ready to mobile blog?

Published Date
05 - Apr - 2007
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05 - Apr - 2007
Are Asian enterprises ready to mobile blog?

according to a study conducted by public relations agency LEWIS.

And only 2.5 percent of European companies have one or more corporate blogs, noted the findings which were unveiled last month at the EuroBlog 2007 conference in Ghent, Belgium.

According to the study which surveyed 300 companies across 10 countries worldwide, less than five percent of large and mid-sized companies worldwide currently have a corporate blog.

In addition, while corporate blogging is gaining ground in the United States, the "overwhelming majority of businesses around the world still goes without any form of company-branded blogs", said the study.

"Their reasons [for not having a corporate blog] vary strongly, [and] key barriers in the Asia-Pacific region include a tradition of doing business face-to-face and a high level of media regulation," Erin Atan, vice president of Asia-Pacific at LEWIS, said in a statement.

Mark van der Wolf, head of Creative at LEWIS Benelux, said: "Companies around the world remain hesitant to start blogging because the benefits, costs and implications are not clear to them. "Their caution is justified because as the paper shows, a corporate blog is definitely not for everyone," he added. "Still, under the right circumstances and with the right approach, it can contribute greatly to achieving a multitude of business objectives

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