Apple pulls Nokia-owned Withings products from its online store: Report

Apple may have pulled all Withings accessories from its online and retail stores

Published Date
26 - Dec - 2016
| Last Updated
13 - Jun - 2017
Apple pulls Nokia-owned Withings products from its online store:...

Apple is pulling all Withings-branded products and accessories from its online store and from its retail stores as well. The move comes in the wake of its recent patent dispute with Nokia, which owns Withings.

Macrumors reports that Apple may have pulled the Withings-branded accessories in the last few days. The California-based company may have pulled Withings products like the body cardio scale, the smart body analyzer and the wireless blood pressure monitor. All of these products are apparently no longer available on Apple's online store and Apple hasn't put out any statement on their unavailability.

Back in June, Nokia completed its $192 million acquisition of Withings in order to strengthen its wearable platform and to push into health industry. Nokia's acquisition of Withings brought a change in order with Cedric Hutchings leading the Digital Health division.

Earlier, Nokia sued Apple for infringing its patents in Germany and the US. The company followed up with another lawsuit claiming Apple infringes 40 Nokia patents covering various technologies like display, user interface, software, antenna and other chip designs.

Apple refuted the claim saying "Nokia has been conspiring with patent assertion entities (Acacia Research and Conversant Property Management) in an "illegal patent transfer scheme" to wring money out of Apple because Nokia's cell phone business is failing."

Apple is yet to conclude on its long standing patent battle with Samsung and this battle yet to take shape. It is unclear where the two companies will end up at the end of what looks like a long patent battle.