Apple iPod Nano 4 GB

Published Date
01 - Mar - 2007
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01 - Mar - 2007
Apple iPod Nano 4 GB

The new iPod nano features a vivid LCD screen-useful for viewing photos. Its good looks are backed up by the superbly intuitive interface, driven by the ergonomic click-wheel. It is Flash memory-based, which means skip-free music and a tremendous saving on battery power-it played for almost 15 hours, which is actually better than the claimed battery life.

The bundled earphones need serious looking into-though the treble is crisp, the bass is disappointing even with the bass booster on. Also, there is no FM radio or voice recorder.

It appears as a USB mass storage device when you connect it to your PC, so you can carry around your data. The rated capacity is 4 GB, but it only gives you 3.7 GB-the rest is for the firmware. You need iTunes to transfer songs to the playlist.

Frills include Outlook address book synching, games, and a stopwatch. Get a good set of earphones and you won't regret having bought this one.

4 GB Flash memory; audio format: AAC; 1.5-inch colour LCD; earphones; USB 2.0 dock

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