App of the Week: Sizer 3.33

Published Date
25 - Dec - 2011
| Last Updated
25 - Dec - 2011
App of the Week: Sizer 3.33

Resizing application windows on Windows can be a huge pain if you want precise pixel-perfect control over how large the window should be after resizing. Windows 7 makes it easily to resize windows to half the width of the screen, however resizing to precisely 785×624 can be a painful procedure, unless the application itself supports such a thing.

Sizer is an application that allows you to easily resize your windows to specified sizes. If you are a designer or a developer who wants to see what their application / website etc. will look like on different sized monitors, then this application can be of great help.

Sizer lets you define different window sizes, which can then be easily applied to any open window. Of course the window being resized needs to support being resized. In addition to the size of the window, Sizer also gives you control over the position of the Window. You can, for example, specify that a window needs to be resized to 800×600 and placed at the top-left corner of the screen. You can choose to have the window placed anywhere you like by specifying the distance from the top and the left, or you can choose from the four corners of the screen, the four edges, and the center.

You can define several combinations of position and size that can be quickly applied to any open window. Each such template can specify the width, height and position of the window. Alternatively, the template can be used to only reposition the window on screen, or only resize it. An easy to remember name can be given to the template.

These templates you define are accessible from a number of locations. One convenient way is to right-click the maximize button, and select one of the sizes from the menu. Another way to access it is by right-clicking any edge of the screen — wherever the resizing cursor shows up — or right-clicking the titlebar. Finally Sizer also places and icon in the system tray that can be used to resize the active window.

With the combination of position and size, Sizer can be a powerful tool for window management. You can for example create templates to resize windows to the a quarter of the screen size and move them to a corner. This way you can quickly share the screen between four windows.

Upcoming versions of Sizer will add support for 64-bit Windows, multiple monitors, hotlkeys and more.

You can download the latest release version of Sizer from here or download the upcoming Sizer 3.4 version from here. Protection Status