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07 - May - 2008
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07 - May - 2008
ApnaInsurance.com - India’s first online guide to insurance req...

ApnaInsurance.com acts as a one-stop shop for all insurance requirements

ApnaInsurance.com acts as a one-stop shop for all the insurance requirements like how much one needs to cover himself for, pitfalls one needs to avoid, why insurance is not just about the cost of premium and many such other insurance queries. 

ApnaInsurance.com has divided the huge insurance pie into six slices – health, life, motor, travel, householders’, and shopkeepers’. While all these insurance sections have a lot in common, these sections allow one to understand them in detail. 

“Our premier task here is to provide people with the best possible deal for your insurance needs. With the insurance market becoming more and more sophisticated and new regulations coming into force, this becomes critical. One can apply for an insurance product of his liking at ApnaInsurance.com, and we will refer to multiple insurance providers to enable you to get a great deal”, says Harsh Roongta, CEO of ApnaInsurance.com 

To provide the customers with the best possible information, the website is divided into various sections like Primers, Insurance Guru and News Sections. The Primers section gives a good grounding in understanding how each type of insurance works. The News section samples major insurance announcements and the policy changes. Insurance Guru will work tirelessly to plug any gaps in knowledge where insurance is concerned. Insurance Guru consists of three sections - Ask ApnaInsurance, Calculator and Know your Insurance where one can get their questions or queries answered related to insurance.

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