Albatron's 8800GTST--DirectX 10 VGA card

Published Date
22 - Feb - 2007
| Last Updated
22 - Feb - 2007
Albatron's 8800GTST--DirectX 10 VGA card

Albatron Technology has added its 8800 Series DirectX10 VGA cards, the 8800GTST. This product marks an important transition for the much anticipated DirectX10 market.

It represents the first affordable DirectX 10 VGA card available for a large segment of cost conscious consumers waiting for an opportunity to latch on to this revolutionary and imminently important technology.

This card still boasts the same powerful 500 MHz GPU as its sibling 8800GTS but with modified memory configurations allowing it to have a more palatable price tag. The 8800GTST will contain 320 MB of DDR3 memory compared to the 8800GTS which contains 640 MB of DDR3. Aside from the differences in price and memory configurations, the 8800GTST and the 8800 GTS are virtually the same card both in features and dimensions.

The 8800GTST contains PureVideo technology, CineFX 4.0, Intellisample 4.0, UltraShadow II and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range lighting). This card also supports High Definition H2.64, MPEG-2, WMV hardware acceleration and High-Quality Scaling (clear, crisp, clean images at any window size). Finally, the 8800GTST will support dual-link DVI ports supporting two displays with resolutions up to 2560x1600.

The DirectX 10 revolution is on and not a moment too soon. With the arrival of the Windows Vista operating system, consumers are expecting a new genre of faster and more exciting games that will take advantage of the new Vista/DirectX 10 technologies. The 8800GTST is Albatron's first affordable DirectX10 VGA option allowing a new wave of consumers to join in on the DirectX10 revolution.

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