Aladdin receives CompTIA SoftwareCEO Innovation award

Published Date
16 - May - 2008
| Last Updated
16 - May - 2008
Aladdin receives CompTIA SoftwareCEO Innovation award

Aladdin announced that it has won the “Most Innovative Software for the Software Industry” at the CompTIA 2008 SoftwareCEO Innovation Awards

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, an information security provider specializing in authentication, software DRM and content security, announced that Aladdin HASP SRM won “Most Innovative Software for the Software Industry” at the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) 2008 SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards. The award was presented during the CompTIA Software Marketing Perspectives Conference in Santa Clara, California on May 8th.

The industry’s leading software copy protection, IP protection and secure licensing solution, Aladdin HASP SRM enables software publishers to grow their business and maximize profits. HASP SRM received particular praise for its innovative, industry-unique end-to-end software DRM platform that integrates hardware- and software-based security in a single solution.

SoftwareCEO’s annual Software Innovation Awards recognize innovations in products, ideas, and business models that stimulate growth and innovation far beyond conventional software ideas and processes. Winners were chosen based on the scope, impact and novel approach of the software solution.

“This year’s SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards competition featured more than 90 entries, a record number,” said David Sommer, Chief Operating Officer, CompTIA, and publisher of SoftwareCEO. “That’s testament to the creativity and vibrancy of the software market, which continues to produce products and services that deliver real business value to customers.”

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