Acer introduces ?EUR~Aspire Gemstone Blue?EUR(TM) in Inda

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10 - Apr - 2008
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10 - Apr - 2008
Acer introduces ‘Aspire Gemstone Blue’ in Inda

Acer launched the Aspire 6920 & Aspire 8920, a brand new notebook PC series designed to bring the enjoyment of High Definition (HD) anywhere you go

Acer, a player in the global PC market, launched the Aspire 6920 & Aspire 8920, a brand new notebook PC series designed to bring the enjoyment of High DefinitionWhere to buy 3250 4300 5951 (HD) anywhere you go. The introduction of these notebooks marks a significant milestone in the notebooks market in India with key multimedia innovations, superior display features, 2nd generation Dolby home theatre experience which redefine digital audio standards of home entertainment exemplified by all new cool “cine dash media console”.  The company is positioning these new introductions as ultimate notebook for consumers who desire the perfect mix of productivity & entertainment.

Subsequent to the great success achieved by the first Aspire Gemstone range, launched in June 2007, Acer has developed a brand new notebook concept that fuses elements of the original Gemstone series - exclusive design, innovative textures (surfaces) and materials, Dolby audio enhancements – in market-exclusive form factors based on 16" & 18” footprint that reveals a true High Definition nature. In addition, a signature element animates the product: blue, both color and light, is the element that marks the design of this new series, named Aspire Gemstone Blue.

“Caring through innovation, Acer’s products are designed to fulfill customer needs, be it fresh technology or unique design” said Mukund, Managing Director, Acer India. “New form factors, fewer technical differentiation’s between products and the growing need for branded products are factors contributing to the growth of the industry.”

Addressing the conference, S Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, said “Acer is once again setting a new design trend, with the Acer Aspire 6920 & 8920, built on unique 16" & 18” footprint, Full HD LCD screens and native 16:9 resolution. The Aspire Gemstone Blue is the new champion of the Gemstone line, fusing eye catching design, high end technology and innovation into a notebook that pushes the boundaries of mobile high-definition and delivers a digital experience that engages all the senses.”

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