A sneak peek: Electric toothbrushes to substitute manual toothbrushes!

Published Date
09 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
09 - Jun - 2010
A sneak peek: Electric toothbrushes to substitute manual toothbru...


Super-charged Electric toothbrush

It is reported that electric toothbrushes could come in handy to accommodate the changing needs of the user. The point of debate that instantly flashes on our mind is: how good is an electric toothbrush in comparison with a manual toothbrush? Well, to answer this question we could hear what the expert dentists and doctors recommend for a clean and healthy teeth & gums by watching this cool & inspiring video on YouTube.

Apparently, it is revealed that electric toothbrushes enable better cleaning across the corners of the mouth with consistent pressure applied across both the upper & lower sets of teeth. It is also hinted that the electric toothbrush heads are easily replaceable. It is said that latest electric toothbrushes are built with pressure sensors for a smooth & adequate brushing of teeth, ensuring that no damage is caused to the gums. As per online sources, it is evident that these gadgets could be available anywhere between Rs. 135 to Rs. 15,000 in India, depending on the technology used.

Vinod YalburgiVinod Yalburgi