A look at IIT Jodhpur's Ignus'13 college fest

The four days of the fest proved to be the most memorable days for many of the attendees in the fest.

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05 - Apr - 2013
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05 - Apr - 2013
A look at IIT Jodhpur's Ignus'13 college fest

Digit Event Promotional Feature: Living up to the expectations of one and all IGNUS’13 proved why it was one of the most awaited college fest of the year. More than 2,500 participants from around 50 colleges gathered together for this great cultural and technical carnival. The pronites further added to the glory of the fest with around 3,000 attendees in the pronites of AGNEE – The Band and RABBI SHERGILL – The Punjabi Singing Maestro.

There were in total 120 events in the fest which added the flavour of competitiveness to the fest. Clash of Bands and ANTARANG – The Fashion Show got special attention from the crowd. Dance events saw various energetic performers rock the stage with their moves and grooves. To sooth the ears were the singing events in which some of the best singers from around the country came to take part. Further for the literary geeks we had a combination of innovative and classical literary events.

Moving to the technical arena, the level of competition in the technical events showed why IITs are considered standard in the field of technology. Aeromodelling events – Balsa glider, water rockets made all gaze the gliders gliding in the open sky. IC car, aqua cranoid and the best of all were the various innovative cars made out of household articles. Various patterned flashy lights, reverse digital clock and line follower saw tremendous enthusiastic participants struggling with circuits. The main attraction of the technical arena was the ‘ROBO WARS’ where the intense fight between two bots was a sight to die for and not to forget the ribbon climbing bot.

The programming and web designing events saw some of the best coders showing their talents at the complex coding, deciphering, playing artificial intelligence games and even hacking and cloning the websites. The tech geeks, technocrats put in all their efforts scratching their brains, tickling their nerves to get out the best innovative technical ideas to showcase in the events. Special workshops by Mozilla, SAE and various other institutions were of great help to many tech geeks and made them learn new things. The TECH-EXPO on the other hand was a great technical carnival with companies like DRDO, TATA and BOSCH setting up their labs and displaying their new innovations in their respective fields.

Moving away from the hustle-bustle of technical and cultural events we come to the INFORMALS. The informals were made so as to entertain the crowd and provide endless fun to participants. In brief, IGNUS’13 had in store something for everyone. The 4 days of the fest proved to be the most memorable days for many of the attendees in the fest.

So, all together IGNUS’13 was a classical tale written from the ink of great technical, cultural and educational enthusiasts.

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