4 Resident Evil

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01 - Apr - 2007
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01 - Apr - 2007
4 Resident Evil

Its releasing. Really

The number of times Resident Evil 4 missed its schedule release dates almost had us dismissing it as vapourware. This is the third of Capcom's biggest console games to make it to the PC, after Onimusha 3 and Devil May Cry 3-both of which were handled very half-heartedly and sported keyboard controls that looked like they were mapped by retarded monkeys with blindfolds on. But where Onimusha and DMC were half-hearted, Resident Evil 4 makes it to three-quarter-hearted.

For those who came in late-2005's Resident Evil 4 has you playing Leon Kennedy sent to a village in Europe to rescue the president's daughter, who has been kidnapped by a strange cult. Instead of the zombies from the previous games, you must fight parasite-infected villagers on your quest. The game raked in the accolades for its excellent environment design, tense atmosphere and the incredible boss fights. It does have its sore points, though-you can't strafe, and the action isn't as fast-paced as it should be.

Rating : 4/10 
Developer : Capcom 
Publisher : Ubisoft 
Distributor : E-Xpress Interactive 
Contact : sales@e-xpressindia.com 

The PC held incredible potential for this game-the ability to use the mouse for fast movements meant that the game's difficulty level could be kicked up a notch with no problems, and new graphics cards could add another ounce of zing to the brilliant atmosphere. Sadly, Capcom chose to ignore all that and feed us a direct port that doesn't even have mouse support. The keyboard controls, while not completely idiotic, don't do much for the playability of the game-don't even go near it if you don't own a good game controller, especially considering that in-game instructions don't mention any keyboard keys. You will also hate the fact that all the dynamic lighting and shadows have been ripped out of it. Half of the atmosphere is the lighting, and without it, RE4 looks flat as a board.

If you have a PS2, go buy RE4 for the PS2 (if you haven't already). Buy the PC version only if you're a masochist who wants to experience the horrors of seeing a good game treated like trash.  

Tales of the Ninja (PSP)

A Ninja Doesn't Trip On His Shoelaces
Running on walls, leaping buildings with your grappling hook, stealth kills-who would have thought you could do this on the PSP? Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja takes you through to 16th-century Japan, where you play Goh, the last Ninja, out for revenge against those who wiped out his kin. This revenge involves stealing documents, assassinations, and some gratuitous murder. And you know how much you love gratuitous murder. 

Rating : 6/10 
Developer : Acquire 
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment Europe 
Distributor : Milestone Interactive 
Contact : sales@milestoneinteractive.com 

The game's controls are rather clunky, and mar an otherwise enjoyable game. Fighting enemies is all about mashing a single button and hoping to hit home, and the "lock to target" scheme can goof up considerably if you're fighting two or more of them. Camera angles are all wonky, and a second analogue stick is sorely missed. The missions are designed to get over quickly, though-perfect for playing on the move.

Overall, pulling off stunts and stealth kills is fun-especially in the "Total Destruction" missions, but there's really nothing about this game that screams, "Buy me!"

Sony's PSP inherits Killzone Liberation, of 2004 Killzone fame, a PS2 shooter. Killzone's gameplay was seriously lacking. While Liberation inherits the storyline, the gameplay deviates-a good thing!

For those unfamiliar with the Killzone universe: mankind's taken to the heavens, inhabiting planets and such. A militant group of humans occupy a planet called Helghan. Over time, these guys mutate into a race called the Helghast. Flashback over, you belong to the other group a.k.a. the Vekta, humans who are fighting against the, umm, Helghast.

At the outset, Liberation doesn't follow a very sharp storyline; there's VIPs to be rescued, and a pesky Helghast general who keeps messing up your plans. Normally this would translate into a game 15 minutes with which would cause you to yell "next!" After all, how redeeming could gameplay and eye-candy be on the PSP, and can it make up for an ordinary story? In a word, emphatically, yes! Gameplay is excellent. Liberation grips you, then makes a believer of you. The graphics engine is very good, though not the best I've seen on the platform. Audio's up there-superb in-game sound and good voice acting.

Rating : 9/10 
Developer : Guerilla
Publisher : SCEA
Distributor : Milestone Interactive 
Contact : sales@milestoneinteractive.com 

You'll deactivate trip lasers, snipe bots, man turrets, crunch Helghan bone beneath your tank treads, and even control non-player characters-all while completing your mission objectives. In each mission you'll collect Vectan, the currency of the Killzone world, and buy weapon upgrades. You'll also unlock player abilities-carrying five grenades instead of the default two, or increased health and armour.

AI is very sharp… enemies will duck behind cover when you shoot at them, only to pop up and snipe at you. Needless to say, you'll end up dead quite a few times. Thankfully, the autosave works well and is aptly-timed.

Killzone Liberation is a great deal of fun, and immersive, action-laden gameplay coupled with great video and excellent audio.

Nimish ChandiramaniNimish Chandiramani