3rd Degree at Crossroads'12 fest kicks off tomorrow

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14 - Feb - 2012
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14 - Feb - 2012
3rd Degree at Crossroads'12 fest kicks off tomorrow

The Mathematics and Computers Society is a part of Shri Ram College of Commerce, a premier and prestigious institution in the field of Commerce and Economics education in the country. The college was founded in 1926 by Sir Shri Ram, a leading industrialist, educationalist, and philanthropist, to prepare young men and women for careers in business. SRCC attracts some of the most talented young people every year. The college has come to be known for its achievements in extracurricular activities alongside its academic performance. 

The Mathematics and Computers Society is a regular participant of SRCCs winter festival, CROSSROADS. It makes an important contribution to the overall success of arguably the finest college festivals in the University of Delhi. The Mathematics and Computers Society was created with the view to develop vital organizational skills, a tech-savvy outlook and to generate interest in mathematical and logical exercises among Indias youngest and talented breed of youngsters studying in perhaps the best commerce college in India. It also aims to educate students about latest technological innovations and enhancements that grow exponentially in numbers each day.

It fosters social and intellectual activity among students by frequently conducting seminars, group discussions and releasing newsletters and an annual journal. The society boasts of a proper hierarchy and organization structure with the society divided into Organizing, Sponsorship, Creative, Editorial, and Research and Technical wings, with each wing carrying out its responsibilities and interacting with its sister wings in order to create a synergy of creativity and diligence. It is a society driven by an ambitious president with every member sharing his vision of excelling in everything it does. The Mathematics and Computers Society is one of the few societies in SRCC that can claim to be a largely family affair with forging of strong bonds between every member.

Every year during CROSSROADS, The Mathematics and Computers Society organizes 3rd Degree. It is reputed to be one of the most attractive sections of CROSSROADS, drawing in large crowds. A plethora of events ranging from the brain-quizzing Maths Relay to the inherently enjoyable Paper Dance are held with each pulsating event being met with much enthusiasm as is apparent from the large number of applications every year. The events are specially designed to stimulate interest in the fields of mathematics and computers. Besides, a MATHCOM Carnival is organized throughout the last day of the winter festival, having specially fun and outrageous events that are widely appreciated.

The 3rd Degree novelty lies in the fact that various events are designed in a way so as to meet diverse recreational needs of the participants. The 3rd degree vibrance and vitality is its USP.

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