Now you can get 3D printed selfies for $95

German company has started creating detailed, four-inch 3D replicas of your body for $95.

Published Date
18 - Feb - 2015
| Last Updated
18 - Feb - 2015
Now you can get 3D printed selfies for $95

The selfie craze has taken the next step, now a Germany based company has started creating 3D selfie replicas of your body.

Dusseldorf-based DOOB 3D can produce a detailed, four-inch replica or selfie of your body with its technology. To make the figurines the company needs 54 DSLRs, 54 lenses, a complex 3D modeling pipeline, and an  USD 80,000 full-colour 3D printer as well as a room-size scanning booth.

A customer just needs to step in, strike a pose, and the Doob-licator operator clicks all the cameras at once, to create a full-body scan in a fraction of a second. Then all the 18 MP images are fed into the company's proprietary software, which creates a 3D model of the subject. The printing speed is of 1.1 inches per hour and the process may take a few hours for the smallest-size DOOB and approximately half a day for the larger ones.

Currently, the company has four 3-D scanning booths in different locations throughout the world. One is in Dusseldorf, another at Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles, one in Tokyo and one in New York City's Chelsea Market. The company is planning to add more US locations soon, according to reports.

The company saw a huge response in New York where more than 500 customers created 3D selfie replicas over the winter holiday season, stated Michael Anderson, CEO of DOOB 3D USA. He added that about 10 percent of the booth's customers got their pets Doob-licated.

“At first, (people got DOOBs made) mostly on a whim,” says Anderson of the holiday-season spike. Most people just walk up and stand in line, but you can also book an appointment in advance.

“Now that awareness has been built,” Anderson says, “there has been a shift where at least two thirds of our customers have planned ahead to get a DOOB.”

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Source: Wired