3 Command & Conquer Tiberium wars

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01 - Jun - 2007
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01 - Jun - 2007
3 Command & Conquer Tiberium wars

The coolest futuristic war...

Remember Kane? He's back. This time he's meaner, stronger, and balder than ever before. I'm glad EA has continued the glory road by keeping the same formula that made all the Command and Conquer (C&C) games so enjoyable. Tiberium Wars has all the good things from the previous games, and then some. And this makes C&C 3 even better. Whether you're a hardcore C&C fan-or this is your first-its fun, with amazing gameplay!

This is the way the cookie crumbles

The bald and the beautiful 

No matter whether you are a NOD fanatic or a GDI supporter, both campaigns are awesome. The video cutscenes are awesome and really make you feel like a part of the game. The game rewards you with medals based on your performance in the campaign mode, so you can always try to outperform yourself by playing the campaign mission again.

Both campaigns start off with a video of the Earth hit by Tiberium. GDI's job is to get rid of Tiberium and fight NOD, who are trying to convince the world that Tiberium should be used as an energy source. The main objective is the same in both the campaigns, but it is showcased differently. For the first time in the C&C series, aliens make their way into the game.

After you complete both missions, the third bonus campaign will pop up, in which you get to play as "Scrin", an alien race. Scrin is by far the strongest faction in the game, and with its UFO units, the GDI and NOD forces can be crushed very easily.

Like in any other RTS game, you'll start by collecting resources and build an army along the way. The battles are fast-paced. The AI is very good, and will play according to your weakness. It can surprise you by sending an army by the path you least excepted. All the factions have their own strategy for success.

The super weapons are amazing, and the graphics detail during the blasts is superb.

GDI relies on its brutal force and attack from the word Go, and with about 10 Mammoth tanks in its army. It's doomsday for the enemy, and once the super-weapon is charged, its virtually game over and a certain victory!

NOD on the other hand tries to attack from all sides, and it is a force to reckon with. Scrin is the most powerful faction in the game and has the best-looking units as well. Scrin does not have to build silos to harvest Tiberium-you can store endless amounts!

Voiceovers are up to the mark and the background music and the sound effects brilliantly done. The online multiplayer games can be easily accessed. The leader board is a fun thing to compete for.

The structure placement is the only thing EA could have worked on to make this great game even better. But overall, C&C 3 is arguably the best game in the series, with thrilling gameplay, amazing graphics, and sound to match the feel of the game. It has all the ingredients to be the game of the year.

Rating : 9/10
Developer : EA Pacific
Publisher : EA Games Los Angeles

Shantanu Bhide, Courtesy SKOAR!

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