Xbox 360 sells 10mn units in EMEA territories; Nintendo leads in US

Published Date
13 - Nov - 2009
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13 - Nov - 2009
Xbox 360 sells 10mn units in EMEA territories; Nintendo leads in...
NPD, a retail tracker for the gaming market in the U.S., has released its results for October 2009: Nintendo leads the roost, with Wii at number one and DS at number two. PlayStation 3 takes third position on the hardware sales chart, followed by Xbox 360 at number four.
Uncharted: Among Thieves tops the software charts, with Wii Fit Plus coming in second, followed by Borderlands on X360 at number 3.
Here are the highlights, as posted on NeoGAF:
Hardware (in thousands) 
1. Wii 506.9K 
2. Nintendo DS 457.6K
3. PlayStation 3 320.6K 
4. Xbox 360 249.7K 
5. PSP 174.6K 
6. PlayStation 2 117.8K 
Top 10 Selling Software (in thousands)
1. Uncharted 2: AMong Thieves, PS3, October-09 [537K] 
2. Wii Fit Plus*, Wii, October-09 [441K] 
3. Borderlands, X360, October-09 [418K] 
4. Wii Sports Resort*, Wii,July-09 [314K] 
5. NBA 2K10*, X360, October-09 [311K] 
6. Halo 3: ODST, X360, September-09 [271K]
7. NBA 2K10*, PS3, October-09 [213K]
8. Forza Motorsport 3, X360, October-09 [175K]
9. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, NDS, September-09 [169K]
10. FIFA '10, X360, October-09 [156K]
(*includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)
In related news, a press release by Microsoft states that the Xbox 360 console surpassed 10 million units mark in EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Asia] territory. Among other factors, Microsoft attributes the success of the format to recently introduced features like streaming HD movies, Facebook, Twitter and According to Microsoft, the X360 is the only console to see year-on-year sales growth across the territories this year.