Three new trailers released for Dragon Age: Origins the Awakening

Published Date
05 - Feb - 2010
| Last Updated
05 - Feb - 2010
Three new trailers released for Dragon Age: Origins the Awakening



Dragon Age: OriginsThe Awakening, Vigil’s Keep.



BioWare and Electronic Arts have released three new short trailers of the upcoming expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins. Called ‘The Awakening’, the expansion pack will continue the adventures of the Grey Warden, who is commissioned to rebuild the order of the Grey Wardens and establish their base at Vigil’s Keep.



Introducing the children of the Awakening 



Even after vanquishing the Archdemon at the end of the original game, the Darkspawn continue to endure and the threat to the kingdom is real as ever—like we did not see this coming. So once again, you have to gather forces to meet the Darkspawn threat. This all sounds a bit too familiar and we hope that the expansion pack will pleasantly surprise us by not just delivering more of the same.




New party member named Anders: a cocky rogue mage



Besides the storyline, BioWare has revealed a list of addition to the game with the release of this expansion pack. The pack will introduce five new party members and at least one party member from the Origins game is confirmed to make reappearance. It will also add the customary content of additional spells, skills and new enemy types, including what appears to be a badass Dragon.



 A quick look at the Spectral Dragon in the Black Marsh


The expansion pack is due to release in March this year and will really pinch your pockets at USD 39.99, which is just $10 lower than original full game. We contacted the Indian distributors of EA games and none of them were able to confirm the availability or the price of this expansion pack. We will keep you posted on this as and when the information is released to us.