Steve Wozniak to feature in iOS game: Woz with a Coz

Published Date
15 - Nov - 2012
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15 - Nov - 2012
Steve Wozniak to feature in iOS game: Woz with a Coz

Looks like Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniack is returning to the fruity company’s domain. Well, not exactly going back to work, but he will be appearing beside Danny Trejo, the Machete star in the iOS game “Danny Trejo’s Vengeance: Woz with the Coz.”

The duo is pitted against an entire city of baddies in an 8-bit environment where they get to cause mayhem in order to rescue Woz’s wife, Janet, who has been kidnapped. According to the official release, ‘In "Woz with a Coz" on iOS, the Apple co-founder and his wife, "J-Woz," are enjoying their evening together, taking a glide.

Unfortunately, their otherwise quiet evening is ruined -- not by a competitive product release -- but rather by street thugs kidnapping "J-Woz"!!! Your dynamic duo of Steve and Danny must hurry and swing into action as they tear up Fusion City in their quest to rescue "J-Woz," and maybe cause a little mayhem on their way...’

The game is slated for a November 22 release, which co-incides with the Thanksgiving Holidays in the US. Wozniack left Apple in 1987 and has since spent his time dabbling in other tech-related jobs, currently serving as the Chief Scientist a Fusion-io.

Game-maker React Games has also revealed that Woz isn’t the only playable character, as Baby Bash (musician) and Rashad Evans (MMA fighter) are also characters in the game.

While we do have a date of release, the pricing for the game is not yet known.


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