Sony releases v4.10 PS3 firmware update, with improved browser

Published Date
08 - Feb - 2012
| Last Updated
08 - Feb - 2012
Sony releases v4.10 PS3 firmware update, with improved browser

Sony has released a playstation 3Where to buy 249 8124 9107 system software update, rolling out v4.10 today. The 180MB update brings many minor changes and fixes, as well as a new name for the ‘PSN Account’, which will now be called the Sony Entertainment Network Account in an effort to unify the PlayStation Network, and Sony Entertainment Network.

Other changes that the PS3 firmware update v4.10 brings include an improved web browser, something many ps3Where to buy 115 249 449 users will be quite grateful to receive, after years of complaining. The new browser will have “better display of content”, with page layouts and websites, including interactive websites, now “displayed with greater accuracy.”

The ps3Where to buy 115 249 449 firmware update will also give users the ability to choose automatic internet time update, a feature that can also be deactivated. The PlayStation Vita, which has only released in Japan and a select few other markets so far, also got a firmware update, bringing it to v1.60.

The PS Vita firmware update 1.60 will once again switch the member to the new Sony Entertainment Network Account, apart from adding a Map application, and the ability to record video.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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