Sony PlayStation3's 3D games are finally here! It's time to buy that 3D TV!

Published Date
10 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
10 - Jun - 2010
Sony PlayStation3's 3D games are finally here! It's time to buy t...

3D console gaming is finally here, a la the PlayStation 3, and you can download the three 3D-converted games - WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD, and PAIN - from the PlayStation Store today. If you already own the 2D versions of these games, you can enjoy a free software update to convert them to 3D! Also released, is a new 3D version of the MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo. As a special bundled package, you can buy all four games (including the demo) at €29.99. This is of course apart from the Sony 3D Bravia TV bundle, which also includes the games.

Sony, at a special press conference yesterday, also let on that it will be releasing 20 3D titles this fiscal year, and even if that number includes the above mentioned 3-4, that’s still a lot of games to enjoy, almost certainly worth your investment into a 3D TV. Sony also mentioned an interesting statistic - the PS3 console has 5% more owners connected to HDTVs than Xbox 360 owners. This of course doesn’t mean much, for HDTVs are not necessarily 3D TVs, except that this might show that on average, PS3 owners have more money to spend! Or, that since their console released later, there were more PS3 owners who went in for the latest display technologies.

Sony also mentioned PlayStation Move games, and how they will support 3D. It announced that The Fight: Lights Out for the PlayStation Move platform will be amongst the first Move games to ship, and will be 3D ready when it does.

We wonder if the world is ready for all this yet though... Most will not be able to afford a stereoscopic 120Hz 3D TV, but maybe they’d rather go in for a smaller 3D monitor? Sony Corporation’s CEO, Howard Stinger knows that this move towards 3D could go either way, and says the company is still recovering from 2008’s $1bn losses: “Am I rolling the dice on 3-D? Yeah, a little bit. You throw the dice all the time in this business. But I’m going to get 3-D right, one way or another, and then I can make life miserable for the competition.”

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal