Sony announces PlayStation Vita pricing, along with launch date and titles

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14 - Sep - 2011
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14 - Sep - 2011
Sony announces PlayStation Vita pricing, along with launch date a...

Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show revealed a wealth of information about the much-looked-forward-to PlayStation VitaPortable Gaming Console, including the device’s Japanese launch date and pricing, as well as details of launch and upcoming game titles. Unfortunately, global launch details are still forthcoming, but is expected to be scheduled a good 3-4 months after Japan. The 3G version will be launched in partnership with NTT Docomo in Japan, and AT&T in the U.S.

The Sony PlayStation Vita will launch in Japan on December 17th, 2011, and pre-orders for it will begin as early as October 15th. As for pricing, Sony has pegged the Wi-Fi 3G model at ¥29,980 (translating to roughly $390), and the Wi-Fi only version at ¥24,980 (translating to roughly $325). Prices are expected to be lower outside of Japan however, with the Wi-Fi only version probably going to retail for around $250, just like the 3DS (which was also priced at ¥25,000) did. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

There will be 26 titles at launch, including such games as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ridge Racer, WipeOut, F1 2011, Lord of Apocalypse, Super Stardust Delta, and Ninja Gaiden: Sigma. Titles expected soon after launch include SF x Tekken, MGS HD collection, Peace Walker HD, Army Corps of Hell, Zone of the Enders HD, and Final Fantasy X (remastered for the PS Vita).

Also planned for the Japanese launch, is a tie-up with Niconico, a video sharing service that will initially allow for video streaming at launch, and progress to sharing and uploading to the extent of live game broadcasts, by summer 2012.

The greater part of the gaming world will have to wait till early 2012 to get their hands on the PlayStation Vita, but in the meanwhile, you can check out how to setup the portable gaming console in the video below (courtesy Engadget).

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