Rovio launches Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, PC and Mac

Published Date
22 - Mar - 2012
| Last Updated
22 - Mar - 2012
Rovio launches Angry Birds Space for iOS, Android, PC and Mac

The battle between the angry birds and pigs has now gone into the space as Rovio in collaboration with NASA launches sequel to its popular mobile game - Angry Birds Space.

The Angry Birds Space has launched on App Store, Android and for the PCs and MACs. The new Angry Birds is said to have new twists as compared to previous sequels of the game. It has now new characters and a new physics game, which is obviously because the game has arrived in an environment with all new gravitational dynamics. One of the notable additions is the new power-up called Space Eagles. The power-up is available via an in-app purchase or progressing throughout the game. Users are initially given 60 levels of the game with more coming via game updates.

Rovio took help from NASA to device the new mechanic. The angry space birds have enhanced their unique pig-capping abilities in accordance with the perilous vacuum of space. Red Bird, the leader of the flock, comes with an Uber Mask that leads him to the optimal flight path. Yellow Bird is equipped with a Geordi LaForge visor to become Lazer Bird and gain extreme speed. The cool Ice Bird is an interesting addition. Even pigs are now getting some back up. They now have a giant Fat Pig to make things difficult for the angry birds.

The Angry Birds Space is definitely different from other Angry Birds games. Apart from the space environment, Rovio has upgraded a number of things in the game such as trajectory and tougher games.

Rovio's Angry Birds has been named the most downloaded paid app for the smartphones and tablets in 2011. A number of Angry Birds parodies have also been launched such as Angry Anna and Angry Brides.

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