Rockstar to release a beefed-up version of GTA V for PC

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PCs with enhancements over its console counterparts. The game will also be available via steam.

Published Date
25 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
25 - Jun - 2014
Rockstar to release a beefed-up version of GTA V for PC

After stealing the shows at almost all gaming events and making everyone ask for more, GTA V is coming to PC (finally!). Rockstar announced that GTA V for PC which will be coming “this fall” via Steam. No price or specific release date has been announced yet but this is more than enough to make GTA fans, who have been waiting for the PC version, happy. Rockstar has also announced that the PC game will also include a video editor designed for your wild acrobatics in the game itself.

“Grand Theft Auto V will be able to take advantage of the power of PC to deliver across-the-board enhancements including increased resolution and graphical detail, denser traffic, greater draw, distances, upgraded AI, new wildlife, and advanced weather and damage effects for the ultimate open world experience.” Rockstar revealed.

Grand Theft Auto V will include Grand Theft Auto Online, the ever-evolving Grand Theft Auto universe. The game will focus on you exploring the criminal ranks of  star-studded city. It is also announced that GTA V will get  a new arsenal of weapons, new jobs, new vehicles, new properties and player customization. In addition, the current players will be able to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to their PS4, Xbox’s.

GTA V introduces three new main characters instead of just one, the story is interwoven among the three in a big, dynamic and diverse open world. GTA V has been a favorite of gamers who like the open world gaming experience as it enables you to do literally anything in the game from riding bicycles to flying planes.

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