QuakeCon 2009: Doom 2 and Q3A for XBLA, new trailers, Carmack talks Doom 4...

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14 - Aug - 2009
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14 - Aug - 2009
QuakeCon 2009: Doom 2 and Q3A for XBLA, new trailers, Carmack tal...


The year’s biggest event for first-person shooter fanatics is upon us as id Software’s QuakeCon 2009 brought a lot of goodies to the table.


Get your RailGun ready!

The biggest news of the event was that the popular multiplayer title Quake 3 Arena and legendary first-person shooter Doom 2 would both be gracing the Xbox Live Arcade soon. Both the games were available as playable units at the Dallas event, suggesting they would be released very soon for public download.


According to ShackNews, a whole new episode will be included for Doom 2, along with all of the game’s original content. Also, four-player split-screen multiplayer option will be available in addition to online play.


A new iPhone game every month

John Carmack, id Software co-founder and generally regarded as the engineering genius behind the FPS genre, has told QuakeCon he believes the company can release a new iPhone game "every other month" and gave examples of the three product lines he envisages.


According to Kotaku, id has identified classics (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 3D) and RPGs (Wolfenstein RPG) as lines it expects to continue pushing. 


A third line, focusing on new games, may see a Rage-themed racing game appear on the iPhone at some stage.


New trailers for Wolfenstein and Rage

Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software, presented two trailers at the event: one for the new Wolfenstein game that is set to launch next week and another for highly anticipated post-apocalyptic title Rage, which Joystiq described perfectly as “high-quality visuals and exciting action with some mid-'90s-level cheese... cutting-edge and nostalgic at the same time!”






Carmack: Doom 4 will be three times Rage’s visual quality

If the graphics in the Rage demo above blew you away, then the god of FPS gaming and id Software co-founder, John Carmack, has a treat in store for you.


Talking to Eurogamer about the upcoming Doom 4, he said that the game will not be another four-year development period, but will have three times the graphics richness because it runs at 30 frames-per-second, rather than 60, which Rage targets.


"You can expect the Doom game to look like it's developed with the next-generation graphics technology," said Carmack.


As for details on release dates, Hollenshead demonstrated the company’s staunch answer for all titles by involving the loyal fanbase. He asked the audience when it would be out. "When it's done," everyone shouted.



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