Pokemon Black and White due out in Spring 2011 with great new features

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14 - Jul - 2010
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14 - Jul - 2010
Pokemon Black and White due out in Spring 2011 with great new fea...

The ultimate Pokemon video game set is on its way to the Nintendo DS and DSi, and is due to arrive in Spring 2011. It is also expected to release on the 3DS. Called Pokemon Black & White, the games promise fans an exciting time with their favourite Pokemon characters, with great new features such as co-op gameplay, website battling, video chat, triple battles (three on three), and more. The news was leaked in the July edition of the Japanese monthly manga magazine, CoroCoro, which showed great images of the game, as well as revealed much of its storyline.

The story starts off with Professor Araragi leaving you, Cheren and Belle each a present, and then asking you all to share them with each other. The game starts here, on Route 1, and you can expect some great rivalry between you and your friends, Belle and Cheren, throughout your adventure. Expect great new abilities, including telepathy and Dream Smoke, as well as new characters, such as Musharna. Another new feature, called “Game Sync”, is especially useful, and will allow the player to upload their Black and White file to the Internet at Pokemon Global Link, and download it anywhere to start where you left off, play in the World of Dreams, or indulge in online battles. You can also compare ratings and battle results to see who is a stronger trainer by using the Global Terminal feature in Pokemon Center.

Cheren and Belle (top left), video chat demonstration (middle right) - click to enlarge

The user will also be able to unlock C Gear from Makomo, which will allow them to use new game features of WiFi, local wireless, and infrared (which supports up to 4 player battles). There is also a building called High Link in the center of Isshu, from where you can connect to another player’s game, travelling there and adventuring together. A new feature, called Passing By, will allow your DS console to connect automatically with players in close proximity to you. Another new feature, called Live Caster, will allow players to use the DSi’s camera to have a video chat with up to 4 people, via WiFi.

The ‘black and white’ premise of the story is established when N challenges the player. One of the screenshots shows N saying he “wants to split humans and Pokemon and divide them so that the world is black and white”, where Pokemon are free from people.

The two games will feature unique locations: Pokemon White will be set in White Forest, and Pokemon Black will be set in Black City. During the course of your adventures, you will come across cities common to both games, and you’ll find they have their own unique look, depending on which version you are playing. Check out more images here.

Black City and White Forest, top left (click to enlarge)


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