PlayStation Store hits India, offering value for money game downloads & subscription

Published Date
26 - Oct - 2010
| Last Updated
26 - Oct - 2010
PlayStation Store hits India, offering value for money game downl...

The Sony PlayStation Network is finally here in all its glory in India, launched without much fanfare. Users can now access the PlayStation Store, and also be able to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service. Indian users of PS3, PSP, and PSP Go consoles will finally have something comparable to Xbox Live, and apart from being able to play with online with other PSN members, users will also be able to log on from anywhere, and also download content.


Perhaps the most exciting part of the deal is the rather unbelievable price of downloading full games from the PlayStation Store, where copies of PS3 games cost as little as Rs. 225, and copies of PSP games cost as little as Rs. 170. That can’t be right! Why, that's 10 games for the price of one...and a rather large incentive to buy a PS3. If you were wondering about the DRM aspect of the downloaded content, note that it can be used on up to 5 other activated consoles.


[RELATED_ARTICLE]Next up is the annual subscription package for PlayStation Plus, a service which will give subscribers access to free games and demos, as well as beta trials and other content, for Rs. 2,850. Sony claims subscribers will get almost Rs. 14,000 worth of free content in the 1 year period. For those just wanting to try the service out, there is a 90-day PlayStation Plus subscription package that retails for Rs. 885, which will apparently offer almost Rs. 6,500 worth of free content.


Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal