PGA Tour 2008

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2008
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01 - Aug - 2008
PGA Tour 2008

The Sports Title Of The Year?

Are you a tiger? Or just a pansy?

Club your way to glory on that journey of discovery


A peculiar characteristic that golf shares with very few other sports is its relaxing nature. PGA Tour uses this, infused with the burning desire to be number one on the PGA circuit. Add one Tiger Woods to the mixture, an arsenal of other pro golfers, a decent catalogue of diverse and challenging golf courses, rich environments, pretty graphics (Yay!), average requirements, involving gameplay and an ear-pleasing background score and you’ve got the recipe for an involving game (we hope), and a dollar dispenser (EA hopes).


Go get 'em Tiger!

The menus are simple, the music package is sweet. In fact the tracks are worthy of porting to your MP3 player! The actual gameplay sounds, while involving at first, become boring.

On to gameplay modes. There’s Tiger challenge—where you get to move up the chain, by defeating opponents on the circuit, your ultimate opponent being the king of the jungle himself (erm the Tiger, not the lion!). Playing custom games is also possible, and the game provides 14 golf courses for this purpose. The most consuming of all the modes has to be the PGA Tour mode wherein, one assumes the khakis of a hack and has to move up the hallowed golfing ranks by playing in tourneys, increasing stat points and earning cash side-by-side to pay for entry to bigger and better tournaments.

PGA O8 gives you the faculty of heavily customizing your golfer in every imaginable way. Money becomes a crucial factor while modifying the non-hereditary characters of your charcacter such as the clothing, the body art and the equipment. And since there is an overkill of options in this department you can satisfy your purchasing thirsts.

PGA O8 is highly addictive in terms of gameplay as are the visuals—the richly detailed golf courses will cause your eyes to roam quite a bit.

Golf is practically nonexistent in India, both in terms of a sport and the popularity factor, thanks to icons like Tendulkar and Leander Paes. That being said exclusitivity isn’t a bad thing at all—which is why we recommend you to try your hand at golf.


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