Panasonic invites MMO addicts outside, with handheld gaming console called The Jungle

Published Date
05 - Oct - 2010
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05 - Oct - 2010
Panasonic invites MMO addicts outside, with handheld gaming conso...
Panasonic The Jungle

Panasonic has decided to enter the handheld console market again two decades after the unsuccessful 3DO, and has released images and videos of its prototype, called The Jungle.

The Jungle console will apparently feature a very high-resolution screen and a full QWERTY keyboard in a clamshell form factor, meant to allow users to enjoy online multiplayer games as a core experience. Other specifications include a touch sensitive d-pad, other buttons, a custom Linux build as OS, Wi-Fi connectivity, a mini HDMI port, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 3G connectivity also looks like it will make it onboard.

Officially being launched by the newly formed Panasonic Cloud Entertainment, the MMORPG-focussed Jungle will apparently also feature a Battlestar Galactica title when released, as well as access to a web show called Online Underground.

MMO addicts, and friends/family of MMO players will undoubtedly be happy about this news, as with a portable handheld form factor, these MMO users will be able to carry on in the real world with what they normally spent hours doing in the confines of their homes.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]The Linux OS is a bit of a shocker, as many of the present games will have to be ported over to run it, meaning numerous content partnerships that will definitely be hard to organise by launch. However, there’s a large indie MMO developer community, and if the platform turns out to be popular, you can expect games coming by quick. Browser based games will undoubtedly be easier to support. The Jungle website shows its clear focus towards the online space, with the tag line “We are online gaming.”

Check out the videos below:

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