Now, record and share smartphone gameplay on Google Play Games

Google Play Games will now let users record and share gameplay moments from their smartphones, and players can share gameplay footage in 720p or 480p resolutions.

Published Date
29 - Oct - 2015
| Last Updated
29 - Oct - 2015
Now, record and share smartphone gameplay on Google Play Games

In an official blog post, Google said, “Every month, more than 144 billion minutes of gaming videos and live streams are watched on YouTube”. Doesn’t it then make sense to give mobile gamers access to record games played on a smartphone, and upload it to YouTube? It looks like Google is thinking on the same lines, and is launching a new feature on the Google Play Games app, that will let gamer’s record and share gameplay with others. All that mobile gamers have to do is log in to the Play Games app, select any game that he or she wants to play, and tap the record button that will now appear.

To optimise this feature for slower networks, Google has added an option for gamers to capture gameplay in either 720p or 480p video resolutions. While recording gameplay, gamers can choose to add a video of themselves, along with commentary via the smartphone’s front facing camera and microphone. These videos can be easily uploaded to synced YouTube accounts. The gameplay recording feature will first be rolled out to the US and the UK over the coming days, and will be available in more countries, soon.

It looks like YouTube is looking to cash in big time on the games streaming market. As of now, it is easy for PC and console gamers to capture their gaming footage and upload it to video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch!. YouTube has also launched a dedicated service for gamers called YouTube Gaming, but unfortunately, the service has not launched in India, yet.

The ability to capture gameplay on a smartphone is a good idea, considering the fact that mobile gaming has seen tremendous growth over the past year, giving the dedicated handheld gaming consoles a run for their money. Sony has officially stated that the company has pulled out first part support for its handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita.

Mobile gaming today is quite the lucrative business. We have seen companies make dedicated controllers for smartphones, trying to overcome the biggest hurdle of smartphone gaming – touchscreen controls.

Will YouTube feeds be now populated with Candy Crush achievements, or is this the next big milestone in the world of mobile gaming?

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