No fee to play used Xbox One games; periodic online checks required

Microsoft won't charge a fee to play second hand games, however will require periodic online checks.

Published Date
27 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
27 - May - 2013
No fee to play used Xbox One games; periodic online checks requir...

Microsoft went all out and unveiled the new console in all its shiny black glory, dubbed as the Xbox One, however there seems to be some sort of ambiguity as to the kind of DRM (digital rights management) the console will employ to tackle used game sales.

The DRM will be left up to the game developers as assumed earlier, however once the game is installed on a particular Xbox One console through a disc, the disc gets linked to that Xbox live account.

However, according to a report in Polygon, the console will not be charging a fee to play games that have already been played on another console as believed earlier. Polygon sources indicate that instead there will be regular online checks to validate the games that are being played. Microsoft may also be working on to provide special exceptions to a select few, such as soldiers on active duty to the online authentication checks.

Unveiled just a while back, Microsoft has said to have created a device that would soon become a permanent and necessary fixture in everyone's living rooms, taking it to a whole new level.

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