New Earthworm Jim Game to be made eventually

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18 - Jul - 2012
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18 - Jul - 2012
New Earthworm Jim Game to be made eventually

One of the most legendary platforming action games, Earthworm Jim, had fallen off the gaming radar but may just be making a comeback.

In an interview with Eurogamer, David Perry, the founder of Shiny Entertainment that created Earthworm Jim and programmed the first two games in the 16-bit era, said, “The thing we had talked about in the past is Jim had been in retirement. So, he's been sitting at home watching movies and eating popcorn. He's grossly overweight now. The plan was to start with him literally getting off the sofa, and it's a disaster because he just hasn't done anything since. But he's got to get back into action again.”

Perry goes on to say, “There's an interesting tension between Doug (Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel) and myself. When he started to draw the new Earthworm Jim, if I showed you the sketches of what he wanted the next Earthworm Jim to look like, I can guarantee you'd go, no! Don't go that way! Because he's going wimpy. My job I to fight him on that. No, don't go wimpy. We don't want wimpy.”

One thing is for certain though. The game will stick to its 2D routes in the era of 3D gaming.

Earthworm Jim was one of the best platforming games of the 90’s and launched on the Sega MegaDrive in 1994. A remastered HD version was launched in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 via the PSN.

Enjoy a video of the original game below:

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