New Br?tal Legend DLC announced

Published Date
10 - Dec - 2009
| Last Updated
10 - Dec - 2009
New Brütal Legend DLC announced


Brutal Legend

Double Fine, developers of Brütal Legend, have confirmed that come this December 17, PS3 and Xbox 360 users will be able to download new DLC for the game. The DLC pack is called 'Hammer of Infinite Fate', and it will be sold for 480 MS Points on Xbox 360 and for USD 5 on PS3. 

According to the press release announcing the DLC, there will be quite a bit of new content in the pack. The game’s protagonist Eddie Riggs will get three new outfits named Mountain Man, Black Metal and Zaulia Threads, in addition to seven different back-patches. Additionally, pack will feature several upgrades to Eddie's über-cool ride— the Deuce. Players will have access to four new paint jobs, a GPS system (Oculus of the Lost) a weapon that fires black projectiles powered by the ‘Sea of Black Tears’, along with two other weapons called the Disgorger and the Coiling Maw. 

Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC pack will also add nine new achievements— or trophies— depending on your choice of poison. The pack will also add six new heads featuring Rima, Razputin (from Psychonauts), Dadbat, Hunter, Kage the Kannonier and the main-man Tim Schafer. These can be purchased from The Gaurdian of Metal to grace your collection of Mount Rockmore heads.

This pack will also add content to multiplayer side of things with four new maps for online Stage Battles. These maps are named the Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and The Amplified Cliffs, and they promise to add an element of surprise into Stage Battle strategies.

Brütal Legend was released in October this year amid much anticipation— and even though we thought that it is a good game — it was globally received with mixed reviews. Seems like Double Fine is hoping to inject more life in to the title and improve on lower than expected sales, as this is the second DLC pack since the game’s launch.