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MotoGP 14
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Ravi Arvind Rathod
Aug 29, 2014
MotoGP once again but not impressive

MotoGP should have changed the repetition in this game . The repeatition may bore the gamers.

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Aditya Malpure
Sept 1, 2014
shocked me .....

I was expecting a lot from this game when I got this. Because , i have played two other previous installments of this game 2005 and 2007.Up to me 2005 was the best. The track details, the engine sound and the bike form factor everything was perfect. These things were missing in 2007 version. Now, 2014 is really a bad release. At first, the game play was interesting, The concept of a personal manager, team manager and the mails we get when we win/lose a game was really interest. But as the game progress, it has becomes repetitive. I see the same content again and again .Now most horrible thing is the Engine noise. It was pathetic. At first , I thought , its 250 cc bike which make such a horrible noise. But even Moto 1000cc bikes make the same intimidating noise.Disappointed much ....

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Sept 5, 2014
Best game MOTOGP 14

Best Racing Game have a nice and best resolution into it. This is one of the best racing games got fame in its previous versions. But this time they can be able to make out of box situation in graphics.

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