More specs leaked for the next-gen Xbox

Published Date
31 - Jul - 2012
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31 - Jul - 2012
More specs leaked for the next-gen Xbox

The xbox 360Where to buy 600 1520 5640, it seems, is getting its fair share of the limelight, thanks to all the leaks. After the infamous “roadmap leak”, new rumors have surfaced, shedding light on some of the supposed specs of the next-gen gaming console.

For starters, it looks like the next Xbox will sport an 8-core Intel CPU, along with Nvidia powered graphics and over 8GB of RAM, making the console, somewhere 6 times as powerful as the current xbox 360Where to buy 600 1520 5640. The leaks also suggest that the console with ship with a Blu-ray drive, along with native 1080p and 3D capabilities.

If there is any truth to these rumours, then it looks like Microsoft is re-asserting the Xbox’s dominance not just as a gaming console, but also an all round entertainment hub. Speaking of entertainment, rumours of Microsoft making two variants of the console; one as a pure gaming device and the other as a gaming/entertainment hub, have died out. Given the success of the xbox 360Where to buy 600 1520 5640, it would make more sense for the Redmond outfit to stick with just one console instead of splitting it into two.

While the xbox 360Where to buy 600 1520 5640 works just fine for most gaming and entertainment needs, lately the hardware has been reaching its limitations thanks to the games becoming more and more graphics and process intensive. The next-gen console is expected to be called the Xbox 720 and will hopefully hit the shelves around holiday season 2013.

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