Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer revealed, 8th November release date confirmed

Published Date
25 - May - 2011
| Last Updated
25 - May - 2011
Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer revealed, 8th November release...

A new trailer showing off some Modern Warfare 3 gameplay is out in the wild, featuring action across countries, from America to England to France. The trailer, found on the Call of Duty site, is a montage of various cutscenes, and a few gameplay shots.


Graphics look good, almost at par with Crysis 2 with what can be seen, a definite improvement over 2009’s MW2. It also looks like damageable environments, like Battlefield 3, will feature prominently. Gameplay seems to include some new modes, with swimming, and vehicles such as rafts and even submarines coming into play. Also seen are some rappelling moves in the roof-top sections.

Last but not least, is the WW3 text at the end of the trailer, which quickly switches to MW3 – it seems events from MW2 were enough to escalate the conflict to the next world war. What part will Bishop and Price play? With the trailer, the release date has also been confirmed as November 8, 2011, across major platforms.

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal