Microsoft reveals a new 4GB Xbox 360 Slim Console; prices Kinect at $149 after all

Published Date
21 - Jul - 2010
| Last Updated
21 - Jul - 2010
Microsoft reveals a new 4GB Xbox 360 Slim Console; prices Kinect...

It's official and seems that Microsoft’s own “estimated price” of the Kinect turned out to be accurate after all, with a dull silver lining of being unnecessarily bundled with the lacklustre game, Kinect Adventures, for the overpriced $149. The slightly more exciting game, Kinect Sports, will unfortunately come along with Kinectimals and Kinect Joy Ride, for $49.99.

Kinect Bundle, with Kinect Sports

Unexpectedly though, Microsoft also revealed a new 4GB version of the Xbox 360 console that is set to replace the non-slim 0GB $149 Xbox 360 Arcade version, which seems like quite a steep premium for a few measly gigabytes. The 4GB Xbox 360 Console is as yet unnamed, and will start shipping by August 3rd for $199.99. This leaves just two consoles out there, both Slim and unnamed: the 4GB ($199.99) and the 250GB ($299).

4GB Xbox 360 Slim


Back to the Kinect, we’re a little awed that Microsoft didn’t listen to any of the rampant disbelief and contempt at a rumoured, then “estimated price” of $149. Maybe though, just maybe, people will go ahead and buy Kinect in droves. Others seem to feel that the technology, which uses advanced cameras to remove the sitting from gaming, will be dead on arrival, aimed either at existing 360 owners who want an overpriced Wii with a two-player-maximum limitation, or first-timers who probably just want to play Dance Central all day long. We’re sure there’s a middle crowd there, but we’ll all just have to wait and see what the masses do.

The Kinect has two bundles, one with Kinect Adventures for $149.99, the other, with Kinect Adventures and the new 4GB Xbox 360 S console for $299.99. The latter, called the Kinect Holiday Bundle, will retail during the Holiday season later this year.

Kinect Holiday Bundle

While all this is disappointing, the only solace is for pre-existing 360 owners, as any Xbox 360 will be able to support the Kinect sensor. And just maybe Microsoft will come to their senses and sell the Kinect unbundled, where after considering shelling out $149 for the chance to play Kinect Adventures, even $129 will seem like a bargain to you, though most games ordinarily retail for $60.

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