Marvel Heroes: The Avengers to get a free MMO game

Published Date
23 - May - 2012
| Last Updated
23 - May - 2012
Marvel Heroes: The Avengers to get a free MMO game

If you are one who feels that video games based on movies suck, then welcome to our world. But this pervasive belief hasn’t stopped developers from cashing in on developing games based on popular comic book characters, especially if there is a movie involved.

Recently we reported that Avengers: Battle for Earth will be launching for the Kinect and the Wii U. Today, Gazillion Entertainment has announced a free to play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games, called Marvel Heroes.

The game is expected to showcase the 8,000-plus heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, including the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Storm and Black Widow to the lesser known Squirrel Girl and Cable. Gamers will be able to customize their characters by constructing costumes taken from each hero’s history, choosing from a huge array of super powers for each character, and finding thousands of other items.

In the game’s social areas, including Midtown Manhattan and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, players can meet up with other players, discover missions, and buy items from legendary Marvel characters.

The game is written by Brian Michael Bendis, author of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers and Secret Invasion, to name a few.

David Brevik, President of Gazillion Entertainment: “I’ve been a big Marvel fan for all of my life. Marvel Heroes represents the combination of Marvel IP with all of the knowledge and experience I gained creating Diablo. It is a dream come true. I’m excited to unveil Marvel Heroes and share this revolutionary MMO with both gamers and Marvel fans.”

“Marvel Heroes marks a new era in gaming for us,” stated TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games at Marvel. “For fans to actually become their favorite heroes in an original storyline, explore iconic Marvel landscapes and combat some of the most dangerous villains in a shared experience is unbelievably compelling.”

The developers have also released a trailer that gives a first look at the game. The trailer shows Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Deadpool, the Incredible Hulk, Dr. Doom and more characters from the Marvel universe. No release date of the game has been mentioned thus far.


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