Majority of Indian gamers get their fix on the PC

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2012
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01 - Aug - 2012
Majority of Indian gamers get their fix on the PC

It’s that time of week again, when we reveal the results of the previous ThinkDigit Weekly Poll! Last week, we asked our readers, which is their preferred gaming platform. The options were, consoles, PC, mobiles or tablets. Nearly 1,150 readers shared their votes, making it our most popular poll so far, and, indicating a widespread need to game amongst Indian tech enthusiasts. We thank you for your overwhelming response, and hope to see the same level of enthusiasm in the future!

The results of the “Which is your most preferred gaming platform?” poll are not very shocking, however, the large disparity in numbers is certainly significant. While there might be more mobile phones in India than personal computers, it is evident not everyone with a phone plays games on it – but it seems like almost everyone with a personal computer does, whether it is Minesweeper, FarmVille, or Crysis.

Of the 1,147 votes received, 772, or 67% percent of the votes were in the favour of PC gamingWhere to buy 5940 7100 13374, making it the most preferred gaming platform in the country. A distant second place was claimed by ‘Consoles’ (Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation), with 154 votes, or roughly 13% of the respondents.

In third place, came ‘Mobiles’, with 122 votes, or roughly 11% of the respondents choosing that option. Last, as expected with the relatively nascent but fast growing market, came 'Tablets', with 99 votes, or roughly 9% of the total respondents.

You can check out the ThinkDigit Weekly Poll results represented graphically, in the chart below. In the meantime, do share your views on this week’s poll! We’ve asked you “Do you trust cloud storage to keep your data safe?” Do also check out previous poll results, here.


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