Just Cause 2 pre-order bonus announced; AVP will have 3 different SKU

Published Date
11 - Dec - 2009
| Last Updated
11 - Dec - 2009
Just Cause 2 pre-order bonus announced; AVP will have 3 different...



 Just Cause 2


Eidos has announced on their website, that pre-ordering Just Cause 2 will earn you some nice swag in the form of day-one DLC. This DLC pack will include a special parachute called, Chaos parachute which comes with a skull motif on it. Rico will also have access to two specialized weapons—a signature side-arm and the Bull’s Eye assault rifle. To round it off, the DLC pack will let players ride the Agency Hovercraft that comes mounted with a grenade launcher, along with a cool set of wheels called the Chevalier Classic. As an added bonus, pre-ordering the game will get you a game-map marked with key locations. Just Cause 2 is dated to go on sale on March 23th 2009. 




In other news, Joystiq has reported that the forthcoming Alien vs. Predator game will be released in three different SKU—this according to the report is only for the European region. Along with the standard edition of the game, Alien vs. Predator will also launch with a special edition; apparently designed for players that will pick up the game mainly for its multiplayer feature. Dubbed The Survivor Edition, the game will come packed in a steel case and will include a redeem code(s) for extra multiplayer maps, that will be available at a later date. Details are sketchy with this one, so we do not know how many maps will be available for download or the exact date of their availability. The Hunter Edition is a bit over the top, as it will reportedly come with a Facehugger model, a lenticular postcard and a Weyland-Yutani sleeve badge. Alien vs. Predator is set for its European release on February 19th in the coming year.