Mosh with Iron Maiden in role-playing game for iOS and Android

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast is a free-to-play mobile role playing game, set in the expansive Iron Maiden universe. The game will launch for iOS and Android in Summer 2016.

Published Date
19 - Jan - 2016
| Last Updated
19 - Jan - 2016
Mosh with Iron Maiden in role-playing game for iOS and Android

One of the most iconic heavy metal bands of all time, Iron Maiden, is getting its own mobile game, named Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast. The band's official website reads, “Battle as Eddie in his many guises across worlds inspired by the rich lore and music of Iron Maiden - one of the most iconic and influential bands of all time. A mysterious force has shattered Eddie’s soul and scattered the shards. Travel through time and space collecting the pieces as you encounter a cast of dramatic and engaging characters. A powerful soundtrack enhances gameplay, using songs spanning Iron Maiden’s entire career, including previously unheard live recordings adapted for the game by engineer Tony Newton under the close scrutiny of Steve Harris.”

Roadhouse Interactive is the studio behind the game. This is the same studio that made Warhammer 40000: Carnage, on mobile. Roadhouse Interactive has teamed up with 50cc Games to develop the game for iOS and Android. In past, games like Rockband and Guitar Hero have brought to us our favourite music artists, and this is a rare occasion where the game will be a role-playing game on mobile platforms. Being Maiden fans, we are quite upbeat about getting to play the game.

Before graphic- and action-intensive games took over, games based on bands such as Kiss's On Tour Game, M.C. Hammer’s Rap a Round, NSYNC's Backstage Pass, Green Day's Playing With Matches and Vanilla Ice's Electronic Rap Game have attempted to bring the world of music and gaming together for music fans with a penchant for gaming.

On the console front, we have seen Brütal Legend for PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, OS X and Linux. Jack Black voiced the protagonist, and Ozzy Osbourne was also one of the voice actors in the game. The game was an RPG action adventure, where the players had to command troops to defeat their foes while defending their own stage. The game was heavily inspired by metal music, and was well received amongst critics.


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