Humble Indie Bundle 3 launches with 5 exciting games

Published Date
27 - Jul - 2011
| Last Updated
27 - Jul - 2011
Humble Indie Bundle 3 launches with 5 exciting games

Yet another Humble Indie Bundle has launched, and has already managed to rake in a significant amount of money. In less than 24 hours since its launch, it has sold over 76000 copies for a total of $351,000.

The very first Humble Bundle made over a $ 1 million and the some of the developers of the games released their game source code to celebrate the fact. The second bundle went on for quite a while, and eventually included the first bundle as well, and in the process managed to reach $1.8 million, once again, the a game (Revenge of the Titans) engine was open sourced.

The previous Humble Bundle was the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle that featured games developed by Frozenbyte, including Splot an unreleased game (even as of now), and Jack Claw, a prototype game that was unreleased after some development. While it didn’t breach $1 million ($ 0.9 million) , Frozenbyte released the source code for Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor.

Now we have the third Humble Indie Bundle, and the fourth Humble Bundle overall that features the following five games:

  1. Crayon Physics Deluxe
  2. Cogs
  4. Hammerfight
  5. And Yet It Moves

As always the Humble Bundle is built on four promises:

  1. You can pay what you want for the games
  2. No DRM on any of the games
  3. The games are available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
  4. Some of the money (you can choose how much) will go to charity

As with the last few times, some of these games weren’t even available for Mac OSX or Linux before this bundle. The same charities are involved this time, the EFF, Child’s Play.

The Humble Bundle sales have always seen strong support from Linux users, who on average donate much more than Windows or Mac OSX users. Currently – and it is bound to change quick – thee average purchase price for Linux users is around $10.67, which is over twice the average of $4.61, and the average Windows user’s purchase price of $3.77; Mac OSX users have an average $6.03.

To find out more about the games check out the following video:

Now head over to the and get a copy of your own!