Humble Bundle for Android 3 hits 55,550 purchases, with 13 days to go

Published Date
16 - Aug - 2012
| Last Updated
16 - Aug - 2012
Humble Bundle for Android 3 hits 55,550 purchases, with 13 days t...

The third Humble Bundle for Android is now up for grabs, with 13 days remaining at the time of writing. As with previous instalments from the good folks at Humble Bundle, you get to pay what you want for the indie games, and have it divided as per your choice to the developers, charities (Child’s Play or EFF), and Humble Bundle itself.

Humble Bundle for Android 3 gives you four cross-platform games (compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows) – Fieldrunners, BIT.TRIP BEAT, SpaceChem, and Uplink. The Android versions of the last two games will work not work on smartphones, just Android tablets. If you pay more than the average, currently at $6, you get a fifth game, the platform-puzzler – Spirits.

Check out more details of the games over at Humble Bundle’s site, and you can check out system requirements for the games here. So far, over 55,550 purchases have been made, with Windows users the biggest buyers.

As before, if you pay more than $1, you will be able to unlock all the games on Steam, apart from getting DRM-free direct downloads. Check out the video below, showcasing Humble Bundle for Android 3.

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