[Hands-on Preview] Brutal Legend

Published Date
27 - Aug - 2009
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27 - Aug - 2009
[Hands-on Preview] Brutal Legend
The game that caught our attention the most at EA India’s showcase was Brutal Legend, created by Tim Schaffer of Monkey Island fame. To put it as the protagonist would say, it was simply awesome!
Brutal Legend revolves around a roadie named Eddie Riggs – voiced by Jack Black (School of Rock, Tenacious D, Kung Fu Panda) – who wakes up in a strange, hellish place covered with everything related to heavy metal and weird demons lurking around. 
Eddie Riggs and The Separator
You don't really know where you are, but you pick up an axe (weapon: The Separator) and the action begins from there as you hack and slash your way through the demonic creatures. You eventually recover your Flying V guitar (weapon: Clementine) from the real world, playing which causes lightning and fire strikes to hail down upon the demons. The guitar attacks can't be used all the time as Clementine tends to heat up after a few strikes. Still, there are insane combo attacks with The Separator and also co-op attacks with your allies. 
Through the game, Eddie must unlock ancient relics that neither humans nor demons could, as he is the only one with the skill to play the guitar. In one instance you have to play a song Guitar Hero style which unlocks 'The Deuce', a hot rod that Eddie assembles there and then. 
The Deuce also doubles up as a weapon: you can drive over most of the mobs and also use this car to kill certain monsters. For instance, upon encountering a huge, ugly, worm-like creature, we had to defeat it by driving over its three sticky tongues to cut them off. 
A whole new meaning to Heavy Metal, eh?
Jack Black shines while voicing Eddie, as you hear him yell: “Ha ha, take that, Licky!” And when the monster screeches, Eddie pokes fun: “What was that, I didn't quite hear you, sounds like you have a lisp.” 
Throughout the game, you can clearly see where Jack Black has put his own spin on things which include the dialogue and the overall look and feel of his character Eddie. 

In the end, you have a world of heavy metal, mayhem, bones, gruesome creatures, an axe and a magical guitar, a sweet ride, hot babes and a blaring heavy metal soundtrack. I don’t own a console and I’m thinking of getting one just so that I can play Brutal Legend!

Kumar JhuremalaniKumar Jhuremalani