GTA Radio stations now available via Android app

Published Date
27 - Nov - 2013
| Last Updated
07 - Feb - 2018
GTA Radio stations now available via Android app

Most of us have played Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and the major part of the game involves getting in and out of cars. The moment you shut the door of the car and start driving, you are treated to a radio station. These radio stations have their dedicated set of fans (some of them right here in Digit office) and most of these are available on YouTube as audio clips.

Today however, we came across a news item that will bring a smile on every GTA fan’s face. GTA Radio stations are now available via an app on the Google Play store.

GTA Radio is available as a free app on the Play Store. The main page shows you six GTA games: GTA III; GTA Vice City; GTA Liberty Stories; GTA Vice City Stories; GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. So you can head straight to your favourite game from the franchise and listen to the radio stations within that game. We wasted no time and went straight to Vice City and played Flash FM.

When you open any station, it takes some time to buffer depending on your internet speeds. The audio quality was not the best and there were some radio stations mission on GTA IV, but the developers have said that they would keep adding more stations. But all in all, if you are a GTA fan and loved the radio stations in it, this app is a nice way to relive the gaming sessions.

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Nimish SawantNimish Sawant