Google buying video streaming service Twitch for $1 billion.: Sources

Google's video streaming arm YouTube is about to close the deal with Twitch for $1 billion.

Published Date
25 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
25 - Jul - 2014
Google buying video streaming service Twitch for $1 billion.: Sou...

Unnamed sources have confirmed that Google has finalized a deal with the live game-streaming service Twitch for $1 billion. The deal has been rumoured since May. Google’s YouTube division is handling the acquisition.

Earlier this year it was reported that Google’s YouTube division had offered Twitch a billion dollars in an all cash deal. The sources have claimed that now after months of shuffling around and behind door talks, investors of Twitch are pleased that they will be getting significant returns on their original investments. The contents of the deal are still under wraps but it is seen as a major move from Google’s video streaming arm. which started back in 2011 has seen some major success being the only known site for video game live-streaming and has added many fans and subscribers in its fold. The site has more than 1 million unique users broadcasting on its platform every month. The site has marked its recognition with built in functionality of game streaming via Twitch to consoles like the Xbox one and Playstation 4. Recently organized Dota 2 e-sports event The International was streamed live and was watched by more than 6 million people. Twitch is available on the Android and iOS platforms as well.

Source: Venturebeat

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