GeoHot takes on Sony for the 'Install Other OS' feature drop in FirmWare 3.21

Published Date
30 - Mar - 2010
| Last Updated
30 - Mar - 2010
GeoHot takes on Sony for the 'Install Other OS' feature drop in F...

You may or may not know the guy behind the Untethered Jailbreaking of iPhones; but in either case, you will have another reason to remember the name of George Hotz, better known as GeoHot in the cyber galaxy.

George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot

Yesterday we reported about PlayStation 3 firmware's update to version 3.21 and the features that it comes with. As expected there was lots of buzz around about the "Install Other OS" support drop by Sony in this firmware update - mostly people protesting against Sony for this move. In the mean time, GeoHot also commented in his blog, opposing Sony for the existing feature removal. Today, in another blog post he nearly threatened Sony, asking the PlayStation 3 users NOT to update with the official 3.21 firmware.

The point he made is pretty straight; when Sony campaigned for PlayStation 3, all the features it came up with count when a consumers makes the purchase decision. So now, Sony shouldn't cheat their customers with a feature drop that too faking as a firmware update. He points out that of all the changes that this update provides, none of them are new features. Instead, it talks only about how the users will suffer if the don't perform the update.

He declared that he would come up with a 'safe' Custom FirmWare (CFW) that will make the PlayStation 3 avail all the features that an official 3.21 firmware may provide, leaving the 'Install Other OS' option as is. Such that users won't have to loose any features that they have payed the price for. From his past records, George Hotz has proved himself able enough to claim something like this, now how seriously Sony takes this, that's something we will wait and see.