Genius and Inspan launch new racing wheels for gaming in India

Published Date
15 - Sep - 2009
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15 - Sep - 2009
Genius and Inspan launch new racing wheels for gaming in India
After launching a few computer peripherals last month, Genius and distributors Inspan are now unleashing two new gaming products for the Indian market. 
“Genius is known for its innovative products and devices especially targeted at the infotainment space. These products are made after understanding the needs of a gamer with superior quality and performance and are in tandem with infotainment needs of the people who are keen on style” said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech.
Speed Wheel 5 Pro
The Speed Wheel 5 Pro – priced at Rs. 2,185 – is designed for the needs of high-power gaming applications and comes with features to ensure the virtual reality experience to higher levels: 
  • Vibration feedback function lets you feel the bumps, swerves and crashes just as in real. 
  • Ergonomic foot pedals comes with accelerator and brakes along with suction cups providing best stability. 
  • Action buttons on the steering wheel provide features like horn and view change as in real life. 
  • C clamps help them to be fixed on to your table or any other similar surface. 
  • Stylish full black colored wheel with stylish silver colored central bars. 

Genius Super Wheel 5 Pro

Twin Wheel F1
TwinWheel F1, a 2-in-1 racing wheel for the PS2 and PC, retails at Rs. 2,130 and marks its supremacy for several reasons:
  • Immersion-patented TouchSense technology and advanced vibration feedback function makes you feel every action of the game. 
  • D pad is included for directional control and active driving games making it more real time. 
  • Four secondary action buttons for various applications makes the virtual driving, near to real driving. 
  • The Gear shifting is made easy with two wheel mounted paddles. 
  • Lap attachment gives you the convenience of indulgence from your comfortable couch or chair. 
  • Suction cups, Pedals and C clamps are default. 
  • Full black finish with an emerging silver central panel.

Genius Twin Wheel F1

Mihir PatkarMihir Patkar