Gaming news roundup: new Kinect hacks, PS3 v3.55 jailbreak and 3DS battery life

Published Date
11 - Jan - 2011
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11 - Jan - 2011
Gaming news roundup: new Kinect hacks, PS3 v3.55 jailbreak and 3D...

Kinect hacked to play gesture-based Modern Warfare, Zelda and Doom

[RELATED_ARTICLE] A famed YouTube user Demize2010 has impressively demonstrated the ability to incorporate motion controls or gesture-based actions into popular game titles like Call of Duty - Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Vegas, Legend of Zelda and Doom. Taking the Call of Duty - Modern Warfare as the typical example, the gesture-based movements on the Kinect can be used to lean, crouch, jump or pick-up objects. Free looking and movements are controlled with the Wiimote, while all other actions by the Kinect. The full video demonstration below gives you the complete picture of the Kinect hack.




Read on to know about Geohot's latest jailbreak on PS3 firmware v3.55, as well as Nintendo 3DS battery life...


Sony runs hot on the heels of Geohot's jailbreak on PS3 firmware v3.55

Geohot has reportedly managed to scare the Sony employees with his latest jailbreak on PlayStation 3's firmware version 3.55. It is being reiterated that Geohot had earlier hacked iPhone's firmware and forced Apple to scratch around to find a solution, if not a temporary patch. It is evident that Geohot has an affinity towards breaking the consoles and his relentless efforts seem to be giving the console giants a nasty headache. As for the consumers, we could get busy downloading one patch after other or even better try downloading a customized firmware from the hacker - Geohot himself!

3DS battery life revealed at Nintendo World 2011 event

Nintendo 3DS

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Ever since it become more than just a concept, the Nintendo 3DS' hardware encountered one major challenge - the battery-life. Nintendo has now revealed that the 3DS' battery capacity is rated to deliver about 3 to 5 hours backup for playing 3DS software and about 5 to 8 hours backup while playing 3DS games, at the Nintendo World 2011 event. To be noted of course is unforgiving nature of the 3DS power draw, required to run 3D display wirelessly, equivalent to running three LCD displays. Thus, Nintendo has wisely shipped the charging dock along with the 3DS hardware to accomodate the need to recharge frequently. One complete recharge is estimated to take about 3 and a half hours.

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